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Monday, August 17, 2009

Airport Supports 767 Jobs

CASPER, WY – Casper / Natrona County International Airport officials announced today the results of an economic impact study (Wyoming Statewide Airport Economic Impact Study) for the Airport. The study of the 35 public airports in Wyoming, conducted by Wilbur Smith Associates on behalf of the WYDOT Aeronautics Division, is based upon a proven, FAA-supported methodology, allowing consistent, apples to apples comparison of the economic impact of airports around the United States. “The study does not include the economic or job impacts of non-aviation businesses located at the Airport in the Airport’s Business Park,” said Glenn Januska, Airport Manager. “Adding in those dozens of businesses would most certainly expand the economic impact and job numbers.”

According to the published study, the study considered aviation related activities, businesses, employers, tax revenue, governmental agencies, and capital improvement projects, as well as visitor-related expenditures. Data was gathered through survey of businesses and government agencies regarding employment, payroll, operating expenses and sales, and construction activity. Passengers traveling on commercial and general aviation aircraft at the Wyoming airports were interviewed regarding length of stay and expenditures for lodging, food, ground transportation, recreation, entertainment, and shopping. On-airport activities and visitor-related expenditures were classified as direct impacts. On-airport tenant/businesses and visitor spending in the Casper area create additional waves of impacts classified as inducted impacts.

“We were very excited to receive the results of the study,” said Januska. “It’s good to have an independent analysis of how the Airport positively impacts the local economy, and using a consistent and proven methodology, these numbers can be compared to future impacts as other similar studies are undertaken.

According to estimates of the Gross Metropolitan Product for the Casper Metropolitan Statistical Area (U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis), the Airport’s impact on the region comprises 1.86 percent of the estimated GMP for the Casper MSA, and 767 Airport supported employees represents 1.9 percent of workers in the Natrona County labor force.

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