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Thursday, July 12, 2007

CASPER, WY – Natrona County International Airport (NCIA) officials announced the implementation of a new oxygen concentrator program. Prior to implementation of the program, air travelers requiring medical oxygen had two choices: use an oxygen concentrator or fly out of a larger airport with larger aircraft that had oxygen available onboard. While the oxygen concentrator technology is not new, a portable concentrator unit approved for use onboard aircraft is. The cost of each unit, however, is a few thousand dollars, making it cost prohibitive for most passengers who fly.

The Airport formed a partnership with COPD, LLC in Casper, a home oxygen and medical equipment company. The Airport purchased three concentrators, two for active use and one as a spare, with COPD administering the concentrators for passengers traveling out of Natrona County International Airport. “We wanted to figure out a way to make the concentrators available for our passengers, and to do so where we didn’t add cost to the passengers,” said Glenn Januska, Airport Manager. “With COPD administering our concentrators through a lease, the concentrators are available at no cost to passengers flying out of NCIA with medial oxygen needs, regardless of who their oxygen provider is.”

The oxygen concentrators do not store oxygen like a bottled oxygen system. They collect oxygen continuously from the air and make it available as the user consumes it. At less than 10 pounds in weight, 7.25” wide by 16.31” in length, the concentrators are designed for travel. The units purchased by the Airport are approved onboard Northwest, United, and Delta aircraft, the three carriers providing service to the Airport.

Air travelers interested in using a concentrator should contact COPD at (307) 237-2711.

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