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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CASPER, WY – Casper / Natrona County International Airport officials announced the receipt of a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting (ARFF) vehicle grant. The grant will cover 95% of the $676,116 vehicle cost, with the State paying 3% and the Airport 2%. The Airport received three bids for the manufacturing and delivery of the ARFF vehicle, with Rosenbauer America out of Lyons, South Dakota the low responsive bidder.

“While nobody likes to think about the need for such a vehicle, we are required to provide specified levels of coverage and response in the event of an aircraft emergency,” said Chance Warne, Airport Operations and Maintenance Manager. “This vehicle will allow us to continue to meet growth at the Airport, and will supplement two other ARFF vehicles, one used for the ARFF Regional Training Center located at the Airport.”

The new vehicle will carry 1,500 gallons of water, 210 gallons of AFFF foam, and is designed to perform both on and off-road. “Aircraft emergencies typically don’t happen anywhere near a fire hydrant, so an ARFF vehicle has to carry all the water it needs to fight any initial fire,” said Warne. “With a turret system, the vehicle can dispense all 1,500 gallons in under 2 minutes. Aircraft fuel fires also are not extinguished with water, but are ‘suffocated’ by a blanket of form/water mix dispensed on top of the fuel itself.” Rosenbauer will have 180 days from contract execution date to manufacturer and deliver the vehicle.

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