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Morgan Street Reconstruction Grant Funding

Monday, November 23, 2009

On November 23rd, Wyoming Business Council staff made a recommendation to the Wyoming Business Council Board to provide $1,493,580 in funding for the reconstruction of Morgan Street, one of the main thoroughfares from the Airport to U.S. Highway 20/26 and the only access to that particular area of the Airport’s business park. Morgan Street was deemed insufficient to handle heavy truck loads and future growth in the business spark. The grant funds would be used to improve the road and extend it north 1,000 feet toward 6 Mile Road. The current companies in the business park, the development north of the Airport, the foreign trade zone, and U.S. Customs will all benefit from the extension and reconstruction of the road. The road improvements will enhance the land value on each side of Morgan Street and will allow the Airport to better market the area. The Wyoming Business Council Board will take action on staff’s recommendation December 3rd. Should the Business Council Board approve the recommendations, the State Loan and Investment Board will take action on funding January 28th. If all approved, reconstruction on the road is anticipated to begin next summer.

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